Unity 5 2D Platform Game Tutorial (Mac)

If you are new to Unity for game development, you may have tried looking up tutorials online or on YouTube. Chances are, those tutorials are out of date with Unity 5.

I am going to develop a 2D Platformer in the style of great games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy or even Little Big Planet. 

I will be building a 2D Platformer in Unity 5 and I'll be showing how to do the steps in both Unity scripting languages (both C# and UnityScript/JavaScript). So, regardless of which language you choose, this tutorial will help you in either one. 

GitHub Source for Unity 5 2D Platformer Demo

The source project will be uploaded to GitHub with each tutorial tagged. See this post about the GitHub source and 2 Platformer tutorial tags.

Video List for Unity 5 2D Platformer Demo

Unity 5 2D Platform Game Development (Mac), 01: Setup Unity and Kenney's “Platformer Tiles”
This video introduces creating a Unity 5 2D project, and begins setting up a new 2D Platformer project using Kenney's Platformer Tiles art.

Unity 5 2D Platform Game Development (Mac), 02: Jumping with JavaScript and C# (C-Sharp)
This video demonstrates how to use key events to trigger jumping, with examples of how to handle double jumping and collision with tagged objects. 
Unity 5 2D Platform Game Development (Mac), 03: Left/Right movement with Sprite Flipping in JavaScript and C# (C-Sharp)
This video builds on the previous scripting to add left and right movement with arrow keys, and sprite flipping.  


  1. Hi, Ive reached the last of your 2D unity 5.0 tutorial and wondered where to go now. If you could answer the following two questions for me i would be grateful :


    1. How do i create a score and coin collection adds 1

    2. How do i scroll throughout instead of being just stuck inside the camera view.

    Thanks again, your tutorials are wonderful.

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